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About Us

About Us

We understand the importance of having your blow molded parts delivered on time and with the best quality in the industry. Blow Molded Solutions serves several industries including lawn and garden, power sports, large truck, pool accessories, construction, consumer markets, among many others. 

How have we satisfied all these industries since 2009? Our team has made it all happen. Our beginnings were relatively small, with only five people and two machines. Now Blow Molded Solutions has a staff with over 100 years of experience perfecting their craft in blow molding. 

The founder who started our company had a vision, and over a decade later, we now have over 150 employees and 15 machines to serve the public. We have no signs of slowing down with more machines and employees on the way. In 2022 through 2024, we plan to build more machines allowing us to have the necessary capacity to supply the increasing needs of all our customers. We always want to grow, thrive, and help customers develop their ideas. Blow Molded Solutions will help you launch your product with our extensive experience and ability to design, develop and manufacture with best quality in the market.

If you want to see how we can serve you, look at our services. Contact us, and we can tell you how we can help.